We will assist you in finding the best way to structure both your business entities and personal holdings

Why look at Business Entity Structuring?

When starting a new business or expanding an existing enterprise, it is vital to consider all of your options for the legal structure of your business. Surry Partners’ business services can give advice on legal and financial details to determine the form, which will best serve you and your tax planning needs. It is vital to structure your entities correctly as the variety of taxes and surcharges can severely restrict your end profitability.

Surry Partners can assist with Entity Structuring for any of the following:

Sole Traders



Trusts (Discretionary / Unit / Hybrid)

Joint Ventures

Superannuation Funds

How a Business Entity can affect your Tax Structure

There are many different tax rules and commercial considerations to take into account when choosing the best entity and tax structure for your business. The business entity structure you choose can help minimise your tax liability, save time and help you avoid government regulation and complicated red tape. For a new business, a tax structure should start with the basics and adapt over time to take into account the changing financial circumstances and the growth in the business. As the business expands so should the tax structure.

Whatever your situation, we at Surry Partners will carry out a complete review of your business plan and advise you on the structure you should use to minimise your tax liability and simplify your tax processes.

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